25 dots Kolam contest Results

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We congratulation all the contestants for your active participation. Here comes the results for the 25 dots kolam contest.   First place : Ms.Bala Chandrasekaran Amazing symmetry seen in all your kolams. Drawing kolams at the entrance needs lot of concentration and perfection and you have mastered it. Special appreciation for giving credit to the original creators. http://kolamsofindia.com/sikku-kolam-25-dots-chikku-kolam-for-contest/   Second Place : Ms.Poorani Ravi Your strokes and symmetry are commendable. Great works. http://kolamsofindia.com/25-13-dots-inter-laced-dots-sikku-kolam-for-contest/   Third place. Ms.Gandhimathy Senthilkumar and Ms. Sandhiya Thiyagarajan share the third place. You both have your own style and your creations look neat and perfect. http://kolamsofindia.com/25-dots-flower-and-butterfly-kolam-contest-kolam-14/ […]