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Puratasi Masam Kolam – Vishnu kolam, Sangu, thamarai kolam

This kolam can be drawn during the Puratasi month in Tamil calender, where the whole is devoted to Lord Vishnu. Conch, lotus, sakkaram are associated to Lord Vishnu and it is auspicious to draw these symbols during the month of Puratasi. Draw this kolam in pooja rooms or on the …

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14 Dots Design Kolam

this is 14×14 dot count kolam. This has flowers in it and which can be modified to swastiks. You can draw the centre flower design seen on the outer, instead of plain plus sign. Add colours to each design to your choice. This kolam can be drawn on festivals and …

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23 Dots Big Sikku Kolam- Tippudu Muggulu

This is a bigger version of 7 dots kolam. This kolam has 2 types of kolam. The kolams on the four sides are a common kolams and the inner 7 dots kolams are different one, which is formed by an onion shape elements, by joining 4 dots. This kolam is …

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