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15 Dots Sikku Kolam – Tippudu Muggulu

Dot Count 15-1
Three 15 dots sikku kolam in this post.
The below kolam is known as “Scissors Kolam” or “Kathiri Kolam” as two lines cross over each other at regular intervals, looking like scissors. Easy kolam to follow, though the design may look complicate but very easy to draw.
This kolam has onion shape elements inside, the squares. Very easy to draw. If you want to add colours, fill the colours a the centre and outline with some freehand designs to enhance the kolam. You may just add only kaavi to fill at the centre and outline outer.
For this kolam you may place 11×11 dot matrix and add extra dots at the centre or place as shown in the picture. If there is an empty space inside the kolam fill the space with colour powder to make it look pretty and above to the colour powder, you may draw any designs in white rangoli powder. It will enhance the total kolam and look grand

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