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25 dots Kolam contest Results

We congratulation all the contestants for your active participation. Here comes the results for the 25 dots kolam contest.
First place : Ms.Bala Chandrasekaran
Amazing symmetry seen in all your kolams. Drawing kolams at the entrance needs lot of concentration and perfection and you have mastered it. Special appreciation for giving credit to the original creators.
Second Place : Ms.Poorani Ravi
Your strokes and symmetry are commendable. Great works.
Third place.
Ms.Gandhimathy Senthilkumar and Ms. Sandhiya Thiyagarajan share the third place.
You both have your own style and your creations look neat and perfect.
KOI jury couldn’t move on without recognizing Ms.Ezhil Mani’s work.
KOI is spellbound by your works especially this kolam where the circles are accurately drawn by which the loops are uniform in size. Great work.
Maximum Entries : Ms.Indira Sundarsingh
All your creations are beautiful and perfect.
We would like to appreciate two participants who have pushed themselves to the verge challenging their health issues and took part in this contest by looking out options to draw kolams. We are pleased to have participants like Ms.Manorama Thumsi and Ms.Ramalakshmi Sundaram Kudus to their spirit.
Ms.Anuradha Kamalakannan.
A commendable work.
Ms.Geetha Sathya
Your strokes are seamless and neat.
The strokes and design need a special mention. The lines have made its journey comfortably 
Ms.Hema Kannan
On a whole, beautiful display.
Ms.Revathy Revathi Ilango
Neat presentation
Ms.Prathima Dattatreya
As said above, drawing outdoor kolams take loads of energy and non stop action is required, we appreciate your energy. The execution of kolam is neat, except the enhancement part is overdone.
Ms.Megha Amol
The design and the execution are laudable.
Ms.Meenal Manikantan
The design is kept simple yet the lines traverse with ease around the dots.
Ms.Ramya Manickam
The execution is neat and the addition of kaavi has done its part.
Ms. Bhuvaneswari Raguraman
Good work done.

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